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Aluminium roller - the classic solution

Dreckshage roller production

Aluminium rollers are essential components in many branches of industry and are characterised by their versatility and lightweight construction. The selection of high-quality aluminium idler rollers plays a decisive role in the quality of the end products.

As a roller manufacturer, we at DRECKSHAGE have specialised in the production of aluminium rollers made from quality roller tubes. These rollers not only withstand the high loads of various applications, but also guarantee high-quality end products thanks to their precise and even running behaviour. We will be happy to advise you and offer you a customised solutions for your requirements.

The EconomicRoll for various applications

Plastics production and finishing

Film production and finishing

Efficient production and processing of films



Efficient production and processing of nonwovens

Paper production

Paper production

Efficient production and processing of paper

Textile industry

Textile industry

Efficient production and processing of textiles / fabrics

The advantages of the aluminium roller from DRECKSHAGE

Versatility: The aluminium roller is suitable for numerous applications as an idler roller (dead shaft) or driven roller (live shaft).

Lightweight: The lightweight design enables efficient handling in the production process.

Precise: The precise processing of the aluminium roller ensures exact shaping and concentricity as well as good running behaviour, which improves the quality of the end product.

According to customer requirements: Each aluminium roller is produced from a quantity of one according to customer requirements.

High quality: We manufacture the aluminium rollers from precise quality roller tubes.

Design your aluminium rollers

We always want to offer you the right solution for your requirements. From here you can go directly to the TraceParts website to design your idler roller.

Aluminium roller FB-W

Aluminium precision roller tube
with glued/shrinked bases and a
continuous shaft.


Aluminium roller ST-Z

Aluminium precision roller tube
with glued steel pins.


Technical details of the aluminium roller

The aluminium roller is the classic roller. It consists of a roller tube with bases, in which ball bearings or permanently glued-in pins are installed.