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Our EconomicRoll is a real allrounder

Dreckshage Roller-Production

The EconomicRoll is a real allrounder among rollers - it not only impresses as an idler roller (dead shaft roller) or driven roller (live shaft roller), but also with its technical and commercial advantages. As a manufacturer of technical rollers, we at DRECKSHAGE attach great importance to the versatility and quality of the EconomicRoll.

This roller impresses with a honeycomb profile that guarantees stability with minimum weight, exact roundness and extremely precise concentricity. Smooth running quality bearings, flexible bearing options and a reinforced inner ring make it the ideal idler roller for precision at high speeds.

Whether for film, nonwoven, paper or textiles - precision and versatility are crucial. And this is precisely where the EconomicRoll has established itself as an indispensable component.

Discover different diameters, surface structures and coating types to find the perfect solution for your requirements.

The EconomicRoll for various applications

Plastics production and finishing

Film production and finishing

Efficient production and processing of films



Efficient production and processing of nonwovens

Paper production

Paper production

Efficient production and processing of paper

Textile industry

Textile industry

Efficient production and processing of textiles / fabrics

The advantages of the EconomicRoll from Dreckshage

Versatility: The EconomicRoll can be used as an idler roller (dead shaft roller) or driven roller (live shaft roller). Compared to conventional aluminium rollers, lower mass moments of inertia of up to 35 % can be achieved.

Minimal weight: The honeycomb profile with webs between the inner and outer tubes ensures stability with minimal weight.

Precise roundness and precise concentricity: The geometry of the EconomicRoll meets the current highest standards of the target industries. The fine levelling of the roller body ensures rollers with precise roundness and extremely precise concentricity.

High speeds and rotational speeds: Thanks to smooth running quality bearings in combination with our EconomicRoll construction, high speeds and rotational speeds with extremely precise running can also be realised with effective.

Reliable wear and surface protection: The anodized coating is standard and available from stock. It provides wear and surface protection for your technical roller without incurring additional costs.

Efficient mounting in the inner tube: The roller can be mounted in different ways. This includes direct bearing seats in the inner tube of the roller, thanks to the honeycomb profile with outer and inner tube, without the use of additional bases.

Cost efficiency: Storage in the inner tube is a cost efficient solution, as no bases or special constructions are required.

Design your EconomicRoll

We always want to offer you the right solution for your requirements. From here you can go directly to the TraceParts website.

EconomicRoll DL-W

with continuous shaft.


EconomicRoll ST-Z

with glued steel pins.


EconomicRoll dancer

with fixed and floating bearing shafts.


Technical details of the EconomicRoll

The DRECKSHAGE EconomicRoll is used in the film, nonwoven, paper and textile industrie. The rollers are used throughout the entire production process, from manufacture to finishing, such as winding, guiding, cutting, coating and printing.