Surface coating for technical rollers


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Surface coatings - however unusual your wish may be

Surface coatings - however unusual your wish may be

The correct surface coating of the rollers plays an important role, as it can have a significant impact on durability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. A high-quality surface coating protects the rollers from environmental influences and ensures that they function reliably even under demanding conditions.

This is particularly essential to ensure the quality of the processed materials and the efficiency of the production processes. At DRECKSHAGE, we offer a wide range of coating types.

Coating types for technical rollers

From anodizing to non-stick to rubber coatings - at DRECKSHAGE we offer you various surface coatings for technical rollers, as we always want to provide you with optimal and customised solutions.

Here you will find an overview of the different coating types (from left to right):

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  • 1 = Hard anodizing
  • 2 = Non-stick coatings
  • 3 = Ceramic coatings
  • 4 = Chrome and hard metal coatings
  • 5 = Anodized
  • 6 = Rubber coatings